Leaving Cert Maths Constructions: The Basics (Video)

H1Maths: Leaving Cert Maths Constructions

The Leaving Cert maths curriculum has been designed to create a more “real-life” experience since it was changed in 2015.

I myself sat the exam in 2016, so the curriculum was only in its infancy!

One of the most hands-on topics is definitely Geometry, this topic comes up in Paper 2, and encourages you to think and use your problem-solving skills. Before we even start to look at the constructions there are four that you would have covered in the Junior Cert:

  1. How to bisect a line segment.
  2. How to bisect an angle.
  3. How to construct different triangles (Equilateral, Isosceles, Scalene).
  4. How to draw parallel and perpendicular lines.

These are very basic and if you have forgot these skills don’t worry, as you will pick these all up as we go through the constructions together!

The video below goes into detail on the basics!

  1. Constructing an angle of 60º (2 minutes : 49 Seconds)
  2. Constructing a tangent to a circle at a given point (7 minutes : 49 Seconds)
  3. Constructing a parallelogram (9 minutes : 57 Seconds)

Without further ado here is the 20 minute video to help you construct all of the above (Enjoy!):

You should now be ready to H1 your Leaving Cert maths constructions and your Paper 2 exam.

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